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My thoughts on Obama's inauguration [Jan. 21st, 2009|12:03 am]
Eating breakfast in the UC before my class at 11am was a rather interesting experience today. I sat right in front of one of the TVs and watched 80 minutes worth of CNN's pre-inauguration coverage. In that time, the UC went from somewhat crowded to utterly packed with people gathering around the TVs. I almost considered skipping class to stay and watch the ceremony, but I decided that skipping class would be an awful habit to start so early on in the semester.
I was just astounded by how many people here cared. UTSA has pretty conservative student population. That didn't stop crowds from piling up. I guess I'm proud of my student body.
I think just Obama coming into power has created a change in the hearts of some.

A lot about this day reminds me of episode 25 on Gundam 00. Except instead of Celestial Being taking a severe beating, Bush is the pariah. Maybe some crazy ass Illuminatia or Free Mason verison of Ribbons Almark planned out the entire shitfest that the Bush presidency to get the people to elect someone like Obama.
Thier planning meeting must have went something like this:

"Hey! What former president has an idiot son that we can use to really fuck this country over?

I think Gerge Bush has one.

Oh! Great!

Ok. So, Let's stage a terrorist attack on New york and the Pentagon within the first half of his term to scare people shitless and make them not care about losing many of their civil liberties. Let's have him legalize torture....

.... and finally end his second term with a massive financial collapse that people will blame on him even if it really wasn't his fault.

If that's still not enough let's make sure Obama's opponent hires the most worthless campaign manager the world has ever seen, and have him pick Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Surely, this will be enough to get people to elect a candidate of positive change, and maybe they'll even get interested in politics."

I'm kidding of course. I don't honestly think anyone is capable of a conspiracy on that level of awesome. I also don't think 9/11 was staged, but I do wonder how jet fuel can melt steel.

However, I do think the Bush administration is a success in that it paved the road for Obama. Sure, he has a lot of shit to clean up, and he likely can't get anywhere near all of it done, but I like him, and so does much of America.
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Post Election Survery [Nov. 11th, 2008|06:25 pm]
It's been a week since the election. I have a few questions that I'd love to hear your responses on. I'd especially like to hear from those whose opinions differ greatly from mine. Sorry if any of the questions sound leading.

1. Was Obama's success more a result of his good campaign or McCain's not so good campaign?

2. What effect do you believe Sarah Palin had on the outcome of the election (if any)?

That's all for now. Please answer if you're so inclined.
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A quick summary of tonight's RA staff Meeting [Oct. 28th, 2008|10:01 pm]

Dead Horses that were beaten include:
Incident Reports
On-call responsibilities

The wide spread equestrian corpse defiling didn't really start until 45 minutes into the when our second in command asked us if we had any complaints or policy questions.

Then we got these:
Whether or not our rent and meal plan were going to be taxed
Meal Plans and the fact that no place on campus accepts meal trades
Parking Issues
Hookah (yes, out policy is still retarded. If we see a hookah being smoked, we have to call the police, but hookah's allowed, we swear)
and Finally Laurel RAs bitching about Laurel RAs not doing their jobs.

This meeting lasted 2 hours, and so much of it bullshit. I'm more amused than pissed. Other Chap RAs were super pissed, though. See, when we have a joint staff meeting, I expect it to last more than 3 hours because of talking and beating dead horses, but other RAs do not, and they get frustrated as a result.

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My first submission for the game of Lovecraftian Links. [Aug. 18th, 2008|10:47 pm]
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My impressions of MGS4 [Jun. 18th, 2008|09:29 pm]
I just beat act four of Metal Gear Solid 4. There's one more act, and then an epilogue and a debriefing. I assume the 90 minute long cutscene is in there somewhere if it actually exists.
The game is gorgeous. The characters are the deepest they've ever been, and Kojima's cinematography is at its best.
The story kicks ass, and the delivery of the story kicks ass. However there really isn't much actual game. I don't mind that fact though. I enjoy playing though what basically amounts to a 20+ hour movie with occasional sections where I can take control.
A lot of reviewers feel let down by this game in some way. Maybe I need to beat it first, but so far, I don't see anything you wouldn't come to expect from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The critics say that the game has really long cutscenes, and doesn't play very differently from previous metal gear games. Somehow they suggest that those qualities are bad. I call bullshit. They implemented the one necessary change: You can now move and aim a the same time.

I will tell you just a few things you have to look forward to in this game:

1. A scene where the game reverts to the the graphics and gameplay of the PSX version of MGS1
2. You get to Pilot Metal Gear Rex and use it to kick Metal Gear Ray's ass.
3. Plenty of Fan service
4. The coolest black arms dealer ever with a pet monkey
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Yet another update on the get together [May. 7th, 2008|07:54 pm]
Jim wants to see everyone before he leaves on Saturday.
Does Noon at Pei Wei at 1604 and 281 work for everyone?
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Just as Planned (if only) [Apr. 27th, 2008|01:16 pm]
[Current Location |Same as yesterday]
[music |Death Note Soundtrack]

well, today I have more motivation and a better outline... and dream that told me to integrate Death Note into the essay. I'd love to, but I can't find a place to make it fit, especially since it has nothing to do with Tolkien.
So, I'm listening to the Death Note soundtrack while writing it. I'm almost done with page 2. Hooray! I think it will go a lot faster once I reach Galadriel. I just need to get there first. Damn you Gandalf!
I do feel kinda badass writing while listening to the Death Note soundtrack.
Here is the most up to date version of the great list. So far Credit Goes to Sarah, Jon, and Myself.

  • One day, a hairy-footed midget will save us all
  • Never underestimate an old man with a beard and a stick
  • Breeding new life forms will bring down the wrath of the righteous.
  • Never toss a dwarf.
  • Beware of flying dwarves; they were most likely tossed.
  • Stealing a horse is alright if the cause is great enough.
  • Never underestimate the power of a magical sword.
  • You shall not pass! ...No, seriously, you're not passing. No one is.
  • Never again shall a movie about walking be so epic.
  • Beware of strange jewelry
  • If you’re ever named ring bearer, make sure it involves a wedding and not a lengthy quest to the fires of Mordor.
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Evil Demonic Chipmunks [Mar. 31st, 2008|06:58 pm]
So, my dad gave me a USB interface that allows me to record my guitar, drums and bass on my computer, and he gave me great software to do it.
I thought the USB mic that comes with Rock Band would work just fine. I was quite mistaken. The second I hit stop, the track I recorded speeds up to about double its original speed.
Since I was recording a metal song, it sounds like Evil Demonic Chipmunks are singing. I might keep the chipmunk sound going, but I still need a real mic to get the rhythm spot on. I may shift the pitch once I have real vocals recorded just for the lulz.

If you want to hear this "musical" piece here is the link to an MP3 of it on megashare. It should be good for laughs.

The concept of the song was to satirize the fact that Christian Death Metal even exists. So, I made a song where the only lyrics are "Satan is a Pussy."

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A Review of Smoking Aces [Jan. 23rd, 2008|02:24 pm]

than an eternity since my last post, and I could easily update you all on my job, schoolwork and all of that bullshit, I feel that I'd much rather review the worst movie I've ever seen.

Until I saw Smoking Aces, I was convinced that Hannakin Skylecter Rising (or Hannibal Rising to those you who were lucky enough to have not seen it) was the shittiest movie ever made. Fate was not kind enough to let that have been the worst movie I've seen. Oh no. Fate was like "Fuck that!" and like a monkey, it flung a the steaming pile of shit that is Smoking Aces right in my face.

As far as I can tell from the ads, it looked like it was supposed to be a Tarantino-esque expedition into the realm of ultra-violence. The ads promised good action with very little story, and a pseudo unique cast of characters.

Let me start with a plot summary.




s bad if it didn’t take itself so fucking seriously. Like something more cheeseball would’ve done it some good. I’d like it more if they put in a laugh track that laughed at horribly inappropriate moments, or maybe have a character smile at the screen after saying something witty (which no one ever does). Christ! I give this movie credit for one thing and one thing alone: It somehow managed to be worse than Hannakin  Skylecter Rising, the love letter, and Shanghai Knights combined. That is no small feat. I was impressed, but not in a good way.


This film (and I call it a film only because that’s the medium Hollywood chose to deliver this horrible crime against humanity to the masses, not because it’s worthy of being called a film) has no redeeming qualities. Not even one frame is good. It’s not even fun to watch in the watching a bad movie for fun sense. The camera work is bad, the action scenes are bad, the plot is horrible, and I want every copy destroyed.

If you own this on DVD, please do the world a favor and destroy it. Take a hammer to it, smash with a bat, put it through the CD shredding part of a paper shredder just get rid of it. If you don't own it, thank whatever deity you believe in and avoid it.

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PUNishment [Oct. 16th, 2007|05:27 am]
[mood |amusedamused]

What do you call a bipedal robot that transfrom into a computer with the entire internet on its hard drive?

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